Thank You for joining Animal Welfare Watch Ontario (AWWO)! WELCOME TO THE NEW WEBSITE

Here’s our first update for 2019:

AWW needs more completed petitions…and regional representatives

Thank you for joining Animal Welfare Watch Ontario! As we’ve said, the animal welfare system in Ontario is in Crisis. Animals are going unprotected and animal abusers are going unpunished. It’s time for a change…let’s make it happen! Together, we can be One Strong Voice for animals.

We have two immediate tasks. First, we need to gather more completed petitions to present to the provincial legislature. Plus, we need regional representatives to help gather those petitions and present them to their MPPs.

As you might already know, just before the legislature took its holiday break, MPP Toby Barrett presented 80 sheets of the petition. We have already gathered an additional 190 completed petitions and our goal is to have 1000 when the legislature resumes on February 1, 2019

What We Need to Move Ahead

1 – We need more completed petitions! The link has been provided for you to print petitions and the link includes the second page of the petition which provides the rules for petitions to be acceptable by the legislature. Notably: the petitions have to be in original hard copy (that is: with original signatures) and anyone who signs must be a resident of Ontario. The petitions should be sent by mail to

Brenda Thompson 1652 Concession 10, Hagersville ON N0A 1H0

2 – We need regional AWW representatives. We are going to build a network of AWW regional reps who can advance our cause at the local level across the province. The first task of local reps will be to generate and accept completed petitions locally and bring these to their local MPP for presentation in the legislature. That will get more MPPs involved in presenting petitions to demonstrate more effectively to the government that the animal welfare crisis is a province-wide problem. Ideally, we would like to have a rep in each of the 110 provincial ridings. Once you’ve been named a regional rep, we will work with you directly to assemble the petitions and give you tips on how to contact your MPP. We will also help you make sure your MPP understands the current issues in animal welfare. So, if you are committed and able to be a regional rep, please let us know as soon as possible.

And…Coming soon: Animal Welfare 101, an on-line course for AWW members

Starting Monday January 7, 2019 we will post a new chapter weekly in a series called Animal Welfare 101 (AW 101). Each chapter will deal with another aspect of the animal welfare system in Ontario.

AWW members are urged to treat AW 101 like an on-line educational course. After each new chapter, members can ask questions and we’ll try to provide the answers as quickly as possible. Knowledge of how the system evolved and how it works (or doesn’t work) today is crucial to ensuring AWW members have the information they need help make a better system in the future.

The information in AW 101 will also help members recognize situations where the system is failing. When those situations are reported to AWW, we can review the matter and help form the most appropriate response.

In addition to AW 101, we will also be posting relevant documents for your reference. These will include animal welfare-related legislation, the Transfer Payment Agreements between the provincial government and the OSPCA, as well as AWW documents such as our media releases and position papers. Step by step, we will provide AWW members with an on-line animal welfare library!

Thanks again for your interest and support. Together, with your help, AWW Ontario will be the One Strong Voice for Animals. It’s time for a change…let’s make it happen!

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